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Stone Age buildings and dinosaur bones

As part of their Stone Age history studies Year 5 have designed and constructed their own Stone Age house, using a variety of materials they sourced from the woods.

Any budding young palaeontologists please note: ALL bones used were created in the DT room, please don’t start digging for dinosaur skeletons around the school grounds – Mr Bray would not be amused!

Year-5-stoneage-sculptures2 Year-5-stoneage-sculptures3Year-5-stoneage-sculptures

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It’s ‘Dough Week’ in the HOHS Bake Off

Our A Level Home Economics students turned their hand to bread this week and proved that they could certainly rise to the challenge – all puns intended!A-Level-Home-Economics5A-Level-Home-Economics4A-Level-Home-Economics2A-Level-Home-Economics3A-Level-Home-Economics

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Balancing birds and the ‘centre of mass’

To complete our latest physics topic Year 9 explored the idea of ‘centre of mass’ – the point through which an object’s weight acts and helps it to balance.

They created this colourful and acrobatic flock of balancing birds to enable them to find the position of this point on their own irregular shapes. To help the birds sit precisely on their finger tips, plasticine was used as a counterbalance on the wing tips.

Miss MannYear-9-science



The perfect playground by Year 1

As part of their Design Technology module this term, Year 1 have been busy dreaming up their perfect playground.

They started off by drawing a plan and writing about what playground equipment they would like to include, before constructing a model of their own – with a little help from Mrs Halford and the glue gun!

See their initial drawings and ideas here.


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Love of Languages

Our modern languages department has been extremely busy this academic year, with pupils covering a vast range of topics and exciting projects during lessons.

All pupils in the school enjoy learning languages; French lessons begin as early as our Reception class and Spanish joins the curriculum from Year 3. Our younger pupils in Year 6 have just produced some wonderful work in their Spanish lessons (Year 6), and on their daily routine (on display in Upper Prep) during French with Madame Boscaratto.Senior school girls have produced French topic work on family trees and pets (Year 7), where they live (Year 8) and letters to a French pen-pal (Year 9). In Spanish, girls have covered fashion (Year 9) and festivals (Year 10).

Year 10 Spanish3Year 9 SpanishYear 8 French6
Year 6 SpanishYear 7 French tree2

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Year 2 times 2 to bake a cake

Our boys and girls in Year 2 have been working on their 2 times table. Mrs Wilson decided the perfect way to help our pupils learn was by making cakes!

The class had to weigh out the ingredients, multiply everything by 2, divide the mixture into 2 tins and bake the cakes for 2 x 10 minutes!

It took 2 days to make the cakes (inspired by the book ’The Twits’ by Roald Dahl) and just 2 minutes to eat them!