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Boarders Backwoods Cooking

Last Saturday the boarders attended a “Backwoods Cooking” session at Eaton Vale – an opportunity to get a real taste of the great outdoors cook their own food on a camp fire just as you would in the wild! The weather was changeable so we layered up and got ready to cook. We started with a flour and water dough on a stick:  very tasty with chocolate spread! Then we made layers of bread, jam, butter and sugar which were cooked in the coals and tasted like a cross between a doughnut and pancakes. Delicious and a fun and rewarding activity.

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Our boarders take to the trapeze

Last Saturday the boarders took a wet trip to Eaton Vale. The activities that lay ahead were trapeze and archery. As it was a rainy day and the activities were outside, the boarders got soaked, even before they had begun!

The trapeze was fairly straight forward because all you had to do was climb a ladder, stand on a platform and then jump and reach for the trapeze bar hanging across from you. It was very scary and a few of the boarders hung to the ladder like a monkey and wouldn’t move! While some people didn’t managed to reach the bar everyone tried their best.

Zoe Baker (Year 8)

Last weekend we went to do archery; it was really fun! We played lots of different games like the cake game and the balloon game. We all had a great time, even though it was pouring with rain and very cold!

Cecilia de Cabo
(Year 10)

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Boarders visit Eaton Vale

A couple of weekends ago the boarders spent the afternoon at Eaton Vale Activity Centre. All of our girls joined in and were divided into two groups to take part in some climbing challenges. Even those who were scared of heights had a go!

See more photos from the day here.

Mrs Swallow
Senior Housemistress

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6th Form reach dizzying new heights

Year 12, Year 13 and Sixth Form staff enjoyed an afternoon of team building activities at Eaton Vale today. Working in groups, the girls had to support each other as they built towers of crates as high as they could before they toppled over. Loud squeals and laughter could be heard floating over the fields of Eaton. We hope no-one in the area thought they were having a problem!

Having worked up quite an appetite, everyone headed back to school to take part in a treasure hunt and indulge in a delicious spread of cream teas and strawberries.

See all the photos from the trip here.

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Year 9 hit the high ropes

Year 9 recently spent the afternoon enjoying the high ropes course at Eaton Vale – a class prize they won at the 2012 PA fete for raising the most money on their stall. photo-4photo-2photo-5photo-6photo-7photo-9photo-10photo

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Racing the rapids at Eaton Vale

Racing the rapids at Eaton Vale