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Year 10 jump in the river!

Our Year 10 geographers experienced two field days away at the weekend, based at Overstrand Hall near Cromer.  After arriving by minibus on Friday evening they settled into the impressive hall, ate together and prepared for the next day’s data collection in the River Glaven.  Although Saturday dawned grey and cold,  the girls plunged into the river undaunted. They collected a variety of data including velocity (using a hydroprop and a float), bedload measurements, width, depth and wetted perimeter. Using computer software they then analysed the data to see if a significant impact has been made on this river by man – and proved that it has. On Sunday we travelled into Norwich and collected data at Riverside and King Street to observe regeneration factors. The girls worked very hard until 9.00pm on both evenings: perhaps the chocolate cake and sweets helped!

Mrs Grove

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Year 10 geography trip to Kingswood

Our Year 10 geographers headed to Overstrand Hall on Friday for a weekend of practical work and data collection to enhance their GCSE studies. Watch this space for a full report but meanwhile here they are setting off in the minibus and settling in on arrival!
Mrs Grove

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Year 10 and 12 at Kingswood

Defying a horrendous weather forecast, bright sunshine greeted the Year 10 and Year 12 geographers as we set off a long weekend at Kingswood in North Norfolk last Friday morning.

We were welcomed at the Lutyens-designed house by Kingswood staff including our tutor for the weekend. After acclimatising ourselves to the accommodation and enjoying Chip Friday,  we headed off to Cromer and Holt to investigate why the former has declining population numbers whilst the latter is  growing. We carried out various data collection techniques to discover environmental and social inequality as well as looking at new projects which aim to improve an area. This information allowed us to be able to compare settlements experiencing different issues.

Our destinations on the second day were Salthouse, Weybourne, Sheringham and West Runton beaches. Although cold, the sky remained blue and there was no rain! The girls worked hard collecting data to investigate the sediment changes along the beach, the impact of sea defences on erosion and mass movement at the various locations.
Our final day on Sunday was spent looking at Norwich’s regeneration and rebranding. Visiting Riverside, King Street and the city centre,  we were able to see at first hand the impact of various projects as well as collecting data in these areas.

The girls worked very hard throughout the weekend and during both day and evening.  They are to be congratulated on their excellent  work ethic and good humour, even late in the evening. The GCSE group will be using the information gathered to produce notes for their skills exam, whilst the A Level group will write a 3-4000 report for a component of their examination.

Mrs Grove

kingswood-1 kingswood-2 kingswood-3 kingswood-4 kingswood-6  kingswood-8  kingswood-10 kingswood-11 kingswood-13 kingswood-15 kingswood-17

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Year 10 collect city centre data

The Year 10  geographers spent last Thursday in the centre of Norwich collecting a variety of primary data for their GCSE. The lovely sunny weather brought people out in droves, creating a minor headache for pedestrian counts but excellent fodder for a questionnaire survey.

Isabel and Emily excelled at extracting the views of shoppers on Norwich’s facilities whilst Ella and Mia discovered the many delights of Chapelfield Shopping Centre. Maisie and Kelly conducted thorough land use surveys and discovered new alleyways and shops around the Back of the Inns.

Despite recording mountains of data, everyone had a fun day and hopefully the girls are now ready to tackle converting their findings into a first-rate piece of GCSE coursework. Good luck!

Year 10 field trip6 Yeqar10 field trip5 Year 10 field trip4 Year 10 field trip3 Year 10 field trip1




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Year 10 geography trip to Wroxham

On a bright sunny morning with a cool wind the Year 10 GCSE geographers set off to Wroxham to collect data for their controlled assessment.

They carried out land use and environmental surveys, pedestrian and traffic counts as well as questionnaires and their own primary data collection. They all worked very hard and deserved their warm-up at lunch time!

This data will give them a good comparison for when they return in June.

Mrs GroveYear 10 geography trip Year 10 geography trip2 Year 10 geography trip3