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Charlie’s dad visits Year 1

Freefall sky-diving at 250 miles an hour from 14,000 feet…swimming right to the very edge of the waterfall at Victoria Falls and taking a micro-flight over the same amazing water….these are just some of the adventures Charlie’s daddy told Year 1 about in his visit to the class today. Mr McNeilly showed the children photographs of exciting visits to Africa, Mount Everest, Australia and Fraser Island where sharks live in the sea.  On Table Mountain, in South Africa  he saw penguins and snakes – and ostriches who can run 50 miles an hour! In Zambia, Charlie’s daddy saw a rhino, zebra and giraffes.

Mr McNeilly showed the children photos on his laptop…this is Mont Everest in the Himalayas

Charlie helped with telling the class lots of amazing facts and numbers related to temperatures, heights, distances and times.

The children are learning about countries of the world and where they are in relation to us and each other


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Year 1 Continental Talk

As part of their geography study on continents, Year 1 pupils had a visit from Mrs Bird’s daughter Jess last week. Jess has recently returned from an exciting five-month backpacking trip round Asia and Australia and she shared with the children many of her fascinating memories – including washing elephants, cuddling koalas, and snorkelling to find creatures such as turtles, clown fish (like Nemo), sword fish and sting rays. The children were also able to handle authentic artefacts that Jess brought in to show them. All agreed they had a lovely time hearing about her adventures!

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Years 3 and 4 explore mountains!

Years 3 and 4 have been studying mountains in their geography lessons this term. They each investigated a mountain and then made a 3D model, with facts, words and pictures. You can see them on display until the end of term in the Prep corridor outside Mrs Fisher’s classroom – do come and have a look!

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Mr Southgate’s Adventures with Year 1

On Tuesday, Sophia’s father came in to talk to Year 1 in their geography lesson about some exciting travel adventures he had when he was younger.

Mr Southgate visited several African countries as well as Australia and New Zealand and had some very exciting tales to tell the children. They included white water rafting, bungee jumping and encounters with a whole host of animals, from a giraffe to a possum, a whale and a baby crocodile (which bit him!) One memory which was not so happy tarantulawas when Mr Southgate was bitten by a poisonous spider – a tarantula – which had somehow sneaked into his sleeping bag! It made him very unwell and he had to go to hospital.

Mr Southgate showed the children on a map and on our globe all the places he had visited, and played an interesting game with them, matching different animals to their continents. Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon!


possum bungee-jumping

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Amy’s fossil find

Years 10 and 12 geography groups had an interesting and educational visit to Kingswood in North Norfolk at the weekend – a full report is coming soon! In the meantime, look at this amazing fossil found by Amy H on Salthouse beach during the trip.  It is an excellent example of a micraster  – a heart-shaped sea urchin – which lived 125-65 million years ago.

kingswood-5 fossil

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A little light cartography for Year 3

It’s nose to the grindstone for pupils in Year 3 as they get to grips with maps in their geography lesson. Year-3-class2Year-3-class Year-3-class3 Year-3-class4

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Seven (and one teacher) go wild at Kingswood

On Friday 7th February, with a terrible weekend weather forecast looming over our heads, seven Sixth Form students and Mrs Grove set off to the wilds of North Norfolk.

After arriving at the Kingswood centre and having our evening meal we went to the lab to learn how to collect river data. Once we all felt suitably prepared we decided to get an early night’s sleep so that we would be ready for whatever the next day might throw at us.

On Saturday morning we headed off to the River Glaven in the sunshine; that weather forecast was obviously wrong! The first site, which was the start of an ever-deepening river,  surprised everyone. Normally the river levels barely come half way up a pair of Wellington boots, but the river was really swollen from all the rain. Thank goodness for waders!  Within a few minutes Katie discovered her waders leaked, but undaunted she valiantly carried on collecting data. When she came out of the river we poured at least a litre of water out of the boots and had to wring her socks out.

Apart from water in the boots, some of us became stuck in mud – providing others with a good photo opportunity. After a tiring day out we returned to the study centre where we used modern geographical information systems to plot our data on maps.

On Sunday the sky was grey and the wind was very cold, a real change from the day before. Luckily we were collecting data in the city.

Well done girls on working so hard and thanks to the tutors at Overstrand for leading the trips so successfully.

See more photos from the trip.

Mrs Grove

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Holme Dunes work by Year 5

Following their trip to Holme Dunes in September, Year 5 wrote about their day out and produced some excellent drawings.

See more of their work here. Year-5-Holme-trip-work2Year-5-Holme-trip-artwork2


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Years 5 & 6 visit Holme Dunes

A couple of weeks ago, Years 5 and 6 visited the Norfolk Wildlife Trust Centre at Holme Dunes. The rather windy and showery weather did not dampen our spirits and we had a great day finding out about coastal erosion, life in a dune habitat and creating environmental art.  See more photos from the trip.

Mrs Thorman


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Collecting data at the dunes

Last term, while the rest of the school had a day off to visit the Norfolk Show, some of the Lower 6th went on a geography, biology and applied science trip to Winterton Dunes.

They worked hard collecting data e.g. plant biodiversity air temp wind speed filtration rates along the succession. They were then rewarded with a picnic provided by Miss Mann and Mrs Grove, followed by a much-needed ice cream and cake at the café.

Mrs Grove

See more photos here.image-3