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Year 5’s magic beanstalks!

Before the holidays, we reported that Year 5 had been planting broad bean seeds in the greenhouse – you can see how small they were as they started to shoot.  While they may not really be “magic beanstalks”,  the second picture shows just how much they have grown in just a few short weeks.  Today our gardener, Mr Young,  helped the children plant them out in a raised and prepared bed in our orchard. He showed them how to prepare a hole for each plant and how to remove them carefully from their pots without disturbing the roots. The children have carefully labelled their plants so that we can see whose grows the highest and produces the most beans!

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Year 5 in the greenhouse

In their science lessons recently, Year 5 pupils have been learning about the life cycle of plants. To give them some practical follow-up, Miss Hopwood took the class to Mr Young’s greenhouse where the children helped to pot on some flower seedlings to provide extra colour in our gardens before the end of the summer term.

The pupils also planted some broad beans – that’s what is in the pots they are holding in the picture below. They will be keeping a close eye to see whose grows the biggest!

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What are Year 5 doing in the greenhouse?

In their science lessons last week, Year 5 pupils learned in more detail about the life cycle of flowering plants. To give them some practical follow-up, Miss Hopwood took the class to Mr Young’s greenhouse today, where he gave them each their own packet of plant seeds and then helped them to plant them. Mr Young also decided to test the children’s knowledge of germination, flowering, pollination and seed dispersal, and was impressed with their answers!

The Year 5 classroom should soon have some seedlings and, later, some wonderful, colourful flowers on show – we even have some edible ones!
Yr 5-seeds.8