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Boarders at historic Hippodrome

Our boarders returned last week refreshed and eager to start a new year after the Summer holidays.

This weekend we all went to Great Yarmouth to visit the circus at the Hippodrome. There were some pre-trip nerves about scary clowns but fortunately they did not appear! We did however get soaked with the traditional buckets of water. The girls particularly enjoyed the talented trampolinist and the “Wheel of Death” acts.

We also enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather over the weekend so the girls spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful school grounds. Winnie and Bubbles, our guinea pigs, also enjoyed the weather in their outside hutch and out on the lawn.

Miss Kirkham
Senior Housemistress

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Fishy artwork

Following their trip to the Sea Life Centre on Monday 10th March, our Nursery pupils created these very clever Nemo-inspired fish paintings.

See more of their work here. Nursery-fish-art2Nursery-fish-art3

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Our youngest pupils take a trip under the sea

On Monday 10th March our Nursery and Reception children visited the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth. They all had an amazing day learning about all sorts of different sea creatures.

We had a guide who took us around the centre and told us lots of interesting facts; for instance do you know the difference between a male and female crab? Ask one of the children who will be able to tell you! We were able to touch some of the creatures in the rock pool to discover what they felt like. We walked underneath a tunnel of sharks and saw the funny faces on the flat fish.

The trip was a great success and all the teachers were really proud of the children who were very well-behaved. See more photos from the trip.

Mrs Jones


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Year 5 & 6 visit Great Yarmouth

Last month our Year 5 and Year 6 pupils went to Great Yarmouth to continue their studies on the coast. Here are 3 pupil reports of the day.

“On Wednesday 2nd October, Years 5 and 6 travelled to Great Yarmouth to continue our studies on the coast, to have fun and learn about the town. We did a traffic survey where we learned there were more cars than any other vehicles. We then did a land use survey and we found out that most of the buildings are for restaurants, bars and cafes. People like to eat in Great Yarmouth! We finished the day by sitting on the beach and drawing Great Yarmouth from north, south, east and west and then we had an ice cream.”

Charlotte Duffin

“On Wednesday the 2nd of October, Years 5 and 6 went to Great Yarmouth. We monitored the traffic using tallies. We had to concentrate as the traffic was a little bit busy; afterwards we did a land use survey which was interesting. We had lunch afterwards then we did four field sketches, one to the north, one to the east, one to the south and so on. We then went to a shop and bought ice creams. After that we returned to school.”

Imogen Stubbs

“On the 3rd October Year 5 and 6 went on a trip to Great Yarmouth to do some fieldwork.
When we got there we were split into three groups and then we set off. I was in Mrs Meyer’s group. We did a big traffic survey which was fun but we did not see much traffic because we were on a very quiet road. We did a field sketch of a building along our road.We then did a land use survey and wrote down all the buildings we went passed. We saw a hotel called Faulty Towers! We were ready for lunch as we had been working hard. After lunch we did more field sketches from the prom. We ended the day with an ice-cream. I loved the day.

Alabama ThompsonGreat-Yarmouth9Great-Yarmouth8Great-Yarmouth2

See more photos from the trip.

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Boarders go wild at Thrigby Hall

On Saturday 18th May some of our boarders took a trip to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens in Great Yarmouth.

See more photos here.


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Keep calm and carry on

As part of their GCSE programme, last Friday our Year 11 history students travelled to Time and Tide, Great Yarmouth’s award-winning museum.

They were able to interpret sundry artefacts and leaflets produced for the Home Front during the Second World War.

Laura Tudge donned and endured a gas mask, Erica Nunney created a racket with her rattle, Sophie Beart applied her forensic skills to a variety of German bombs and Amber Batten ensured that there was no panic in the ranks!

The entire platoon managed to pile into a Morrison shelter, which was no mean achievement!

 Mr Osborne