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Chicks update!

Last week we reported on the clutch of baby chick eggs which had arrived in the Prep School.

The children have been fascinated to see the little chicks hatch (it takes a while to break through the eggs’ shell, and looks like hard work!). They have also observed how the chicks need a bit of time to rest and let their downy feathers dry out and fluff up before they venture out and learn how to drink from the water bowls and find their food. The pupils have taken turns to handle the chicks, too. Here are some of our Year 1 pupils – they were being very, very careful and gentle!

chicks1chicks2mani chicksagata chicks

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Chicks have arrived!

A clutch of baby chick eggs arrived in the Prep School earlier this week.
There was plenty of excitement all round – and now the eggs have hatched it is even better! All the Prep children will have the opportunity to see and handle the chicks up close over the coming week. Watch out for more pictures…


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Chicks have arrived!

A clutch of baby chick eggs arrived in the Prep School yesterday morning.

There was plenty of excitement all round, with some of the eggs having already hatched when we arrived in school this morning! Mrs Bird managed to get one of them sitting up and interested in his (or her!) surroundings for some of the children to see close up.

More eggciting news to follow…


chick hatching1a

baby chick5 chick hatching3 chick hatching4chick hatching2



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Like a duck to water…

It’s hard to believe that our HOHS ducklings were still hatching from their eggs a week ago. Look at them now!
holding-ducks2 Holding-ducks

This week, Years 1, 2, 3 & 4 took it in turns to take the ducklings for their very first swim! They took to it very quickly (like a duck to water!) and seemed to enjoy splashing around. The ducklings have been with us since last Tuesday and will sadly he leaving on Friday to go to their new home.

‘They have grown very quickly and I will miss them when they are gone!’
Geogina Ellis, Year 2



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Haven’t they grown!

We’re pleased to report that our baby chick and ducklings are doing well.
IMG_5298 IMG_5309 IMG_5312 IMG_5313

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They have arrived!

Our baby chick and duckling eggs arrived safely in the Prep School yesterday morning.

There was plenty of excitement all round, with two of the eggs hatching almost straight away. The chicks proved to be a little shy however, trying to climb back inside the eggs and hide! Either they were overwhelmed by all the attention they received or they took one look at the miserable weather outside and decided to stay put.

Of the other eggs, one has a leg and some feathers starting to poke out and one is just starting to crack.

More eggciting news to follow…

Chick-eggs Chicks2 Chicks3


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Get ready to welcome….

Some new feathery friends will be heading to our Prep School after half term.

Keep an eye out for our baby chick and duckling eggs which will need plenty of TLC to keep them healthy and help them to hatch!

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Our chicks are growing up

Frizzy and Jiggles are now thriving with Darci (Year 5) and her family!

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 10.27.05 AM


Chick update

Three of the Prep School chicks are doing well. Sadly the remaining eggs didn’t make it…Chickens-Year6Chickens-Year62Chickens-Year633-chicksChick

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Meet the chicks

We’re pleased to announce the safe arrival of the first 2 chicks in the Prep School.

Having hatched sometime last night, both Queenie (yellow chick) and Jiggles are adjusting well to life outside the shell. They have been stretching their legs, catching up on some sleep and trying to ignore the crowd of excited faces around their incubator.Chicken-hatch1chickens-hatch2