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Year 1 decorations

We featured some pictures of Year 1 in the process of making Christmas table decorations a couple of weeks ago…and thought it was time we showed you the finished articles…we are sure they have been gracing the tables at home this week!


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Year 1 crafty candle decorations

Year 1 pupils have been making some beautiful, imaginative candle decorations in their DT lessons. The decorations include a hanging walnut shell and bright red-and-white fly agaric toadstools (very pretty but very poisonous so be careful if you find one growing!) as well as metallic-painted leaves and some fir cones.  This week in praise assembly, Matthias was specially mentioned for his meticulous creative work with this project and in the first picture you can see him crafting the toadstools using Fumo, which we cooked in chef Howard’s school oven. Well done, boys and girls!

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Year 1 getting crafty

Year 1 have been working with Mrs Bird doing some metallic painting of plaster moulded leaves which they will make into Christmas decorations. Meanwhile,  Noah is shown here in a colour-mixing lesson, using a paint technique called “impasto”  which involves applying thick layers of paint in the style of Vincent van Gogh.  The sunflower pictures will be displayed in the Prep  corridor.