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Tennis report

It has been a wonderful week within the tennis programme at HOHS, with  record numbers of pupils attending their weekly lessons. There have been plenty of tennis balls hit and lots of fun on the courts!

Next week, there will be a ‘Rafa Nadal Rallying’ competition for all mini tennis and tennis players throughout the school.

Players of the Week are:

Lower Prep School

Isla (Nursery) for excellent ball and racket skills.

Alfie (Year 2) for outstanding rallying skills.

Upper Prep School

Oliver (Year 4) for brilliant improvement, energy and enthusiasm.

Chloe (Year 4) for excellent rallying skills.

Senior School

Emily (Year 7) for outstanding improvement and hardwork.

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis

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Summer Term Tennis News and quiz from Katie Brooks!

Firstly, congratulations to sisters Hannah (Year 9) and Rebekah (Year 8) on their excellent performances at the ‘Easter Challenger 16 and Under Doubles Tournament’ at East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club during the Easter Holidays. Hannah and Rebekah were the youngest pair in the tournament and they came 4th overall. A fantastic effort!



LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards

All our mini tennis players in both the Lower and Upper Prep schools will be taking part in the LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards this term.  They will progress through different levels by acquiring new skills and taking part in exercises and assessments based on four important skills: Rally, Serve, Come to the Net and Score and Compete. The scheme is great fun to take part in and all pupils will be presented with certificates and badges at the end of term.

Mini Tots Tennis

Our Nursery pupils are making wonderful progress with their tennis skills. All can now hit beautiful forehands over the net!

Mini Tennis Tournaments

There will be Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green tournaments for all our mini tennis players throughout this term.


Senior School Matches

A fixture list of matches and tournaments for all our tennis players in the Senior School will be available shortly.


Player of the Week – Congratulations to Georgina (Year 3) for her outstanding 100-shot rally with me this week!


Tennis Quiz

Name the player ranked Number 1 in the world in this week’s ATP Mens’ Doubles Rankings.

The prize is a Lindt Easter Egg! Please put your answer on a piece of paper and hand to me.


It has been a magnificent start to the Summer tennis term!

Katie Brooks, Tennis CoachMINI TENNIS BANNER





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Tennis news: Summer Term final update

Wimbledon Tennis Parties

At the end of every tennis lesson last week, all our tennis players throughout the school enjoyed their own ‘Wimbledon Tennis Party’, to celebrate another brilliant term of tennis!  There have been Wimbledon-themed fun tennis activities, a quiz, fairy cakes, biscuits, sweets and prizes for everyone!bnJcPo0siWpcynl2BxBXlSTxHji0_2ClsIjRbE5irEAX_Fj06Vtb7VFsbiVr_c11zanccjo22_7O4r_Hkh7kM-m82629T5rlsDxJnkcA7p85BEtO5r6OdvjjQobpBGP6-nXx6rWurIuVNvdilMCQIyZFsmINnRSI-UgJaN9Kb4Nr8SSDfKuk5F17ecz7pq_-lA8a4jsVvlXA3Ly2qPHwM_KOtGWq_XwyL-QTBTlwUJuYYmGSqJSVUwJecvrroXuurR2gsgt8eNbkNOG_imjLDnNOT33-_nGAP8g6iu9BEKMu5oImb4WKAlAl0LoKUvK-C6cxFpiqbGF2opmITsEh5gVo8WWvnoTVArH6LZj7tskrkfm7T5FXAKfL5TfP364NUSCzus7D-DJGYM3KRlGiJb7XKMBKstgfe0fbK_Irc5Ch_wEBz6oRKHzTFNDi66v0VY20aTg2eTA9OPjWLVGjDq1_bo-1gwipcrcWCEOKwUGfa03uxAvIUoQegTIRFEHt2b5qQwsQ2z278V2SttVHlSZ6fznCyIfSyoAePzGuScM4hyjpNE4HdcL6VN7rzmO_dUV0Z1DlV7eZ-r3b5uTskuzodWL2W8QrL6sIS40ubb0y4CckZMEehaT3BGHQvpD5jZ6pyIA05XznokQHxPPFJzLRlOSCrU2-ZQxxnmoZNk9vAnMC9PVfzlodSg87kU0G8ouwlUJofmmC_PCeteT6W_-Bh4sqxfsDE300pM2z1iCTELJtEE76hhVKo0xkZzLoEufoDlCxkgUAVvy1WJXIFYF-tJN9RX3bdpE1zPw9G7pjr_dg9-75RToEAOkV1Yg7S62gOIc8UbkwafWLmEDZkSybMUi0GgNhz12nMR-G0CRxXOZLEw246mv9iDYXUEsM-1

Senior Girls’ Doubles Tournaments

There have been many high quality doubles matches this term, involving pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9. The girls have shown brilliant tactical awareness and court-positioning and there have been lots of amazing rallies.

The tennis displayed by all the girls has been OUTSTANDING.
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Hannah Young & Mollie Deeks

Rebekah Young & Gabriella Moretti-Miles

Isabel Hartley & Emily Catlin


LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards

Congratulations to all our pupils in the Prep School who have successfully completed their Mini Tennis Red and Orange Rally Awards!

Summer Tern Prep School Tennis AwardsAWARD

Lower Prep School Player of the Year 2015: Tyrell Da Silva Madhodha

Most Improved Player of the Term for Year 4: Skyla-Grace Manning

Most Improved Player of the Term for Year 5: Ashlyn Gibb

Player of the Term: James Bell

Player of the Year 2015 for hard work and excellent progress: Emily Grint


Katie WINS at Wimbledon!wimby-logo
Several years ago, I represented the Norfolk Ladies Senior County Team in a match against The All England Lawn Tennis Club. This is the venue of the Wimbledon Championships and we played on the same courts that Maria, Novak, Roger, Rafa and Andy are playing on at the moment. We even used the same changing rooms as them. I had a lady to run my bath and iron my clothes!

I played against Annabel Croft (some parents will recognise this name!) and later in the day, I won my last doubles match 7-5 in the 3rd set. This means I have won a match on the Wimbledon courts! It was an unbelievable day and I will remember it forever…


Club / School link with EATSC
This week we received the exciting news that we have successfully formed a club/school link with East Anglia Tennis and Squash Club in Norwich. This will provide all our tennis players with the opportunity to continue receiving their school tennis coaching throughout the winter months, under floodlights!

Don’t forget to keep cheering on Andy at Wimbledon – he could win it again!

I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis


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Tennis news: Mini Tots ‘taster’ sessions and Rally Awards

There will be Mini Tots ‘taster’ tennis sessions for all the Nursery pupils over the next few weeks during school hours, in preparation for the introduction in September of a regular Mini Tots session within our Mini Tennis programme.

These sessions will be for all Nursery pupils and will take place every week.

LTS Mini Tennis Rally Awards

All tennis pupils are busy taking part in the LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards this term. The skills areas covered are: rally, come to the net, serve, score and compete. Badges and certificates will be presented at the end of term.

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis

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Tennis news: Prince sponsorship deal

I have just been selected onto the ‘Prince Coaching Team’ for 2015, the only tennis coach in Norfolk to be selected to join this prestigious team.

The sponsorship deal will also greatly benefit the school as we will be able to order balls, nets, cones, mini tennis equipment, bags, shoes, clothing and of course rackets at greatly reduced prices!

There is a wide range of rackets for all ages and abilities, in many great colours. The mini tennis rackets for the Prep School are £15 and £20 (normal retail price £25) and there are some fabulous offers on rackets for girls in the Senior School.

If you would like to order a racket or see the range of rackets, please just ask me.

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis

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Latest Tennis News at HOHS

There are record numbers of pupils attending tennis coaching this term throughout the school from our mini tots in Reception to our performance players in the Sixth Form.
MINI TENNIS BANNERMini tennis in the Preparatory School

LTA Mini Tennis is a fun and exciting way for your children to get into the world of tennis!

All our mini tennis players take part in the LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards. There are four stages of LTA Mini Tennis; Tots, Red, Orange and Green, each with their own court size and type of ball. This tailored approach enables players to develop vital skills and techniques at an early age.

The LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards scheme is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years old, to help mini players learn in stages and take part in exciting exercises with regular rewards which encourages them to develop their tennis skills at a pace that suits them.

Players progress through different levels acquiring new skills and taking part in exercises. Within each level, mini tennis players learn and are tested on four important skills:- rally, serve, come to the net and serve and compete.

There is a brilliant range of LTA Mini Tennis merchandise, with different fun characters for each of the Mini Tennis stages, including t-shirts, key rings, pens, stickers, bags, caps, certificates and badges. Meet the Mini Tennis characters; Billy, Suzi, Alfie and their dog, Ralph!

All our pupils at tots and red level will receive a sticker at the end of each tennis session and at orange and green levels pupils will receive Mini Tennis wristbands. At the end of each term, every pupil will receive a certificate and badge for successfully completing their specific level of each award.

All pupils will begin their journey on the LTA Mini Tennis Rally Awards scheme next week during their tennis lessons!

Highest rally with the coach

Throughout the year, all pupils within the coaching programme take part in this fun rallying competition with me!

The highest rally scores, so far this term are:-

* 137 Hannah Bacon – Head Girl! A new school record!
* 100 James Bell – Year 5
*  50  Cristina Moretti-Miles – Year 5
*  50  Eduardo Moretti-Miles – Year 4

Every pupil who manages a rally of 100 with me, receives a packet of Giant Buttons!

Prince Rackets

The tennis department at school is sponsored by ‘Prince UK’, one of the worlds largest tennis equipment companies. I am the only tennis coach in Norfolk to be sponsored by ‘Prince’ on their coach/player team sponsorship programme.

I am able to order rackets, shoes, bags, grips, clothing and balls, all at greatly reduced prices. The range of rackets is fantastic with huge discounts for all our tennis players at school.HalloweenTennisBalls1

Halloween Tennis Week

During the last week of this half-term, there will be ‘Halloween’ themed tennis lessons for all pupils throughout the school including fun tennis activities and games, Halloween biscuits and cookies, chocolate spiders, pumpkins and eyeballs!

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis


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Summer Term Tennis Tournament Results 2014

At the end of term, I organised a series of singles and doubles tournaments for pupils in the Prep School and Senior School.

Year 4 Mini Tennis Orange Tournament

Many exciting and high quality matches were played by our mini tennis players in Year 4.
The results were as follows:-

Boys Singles Winner: Jack Foulger-Wills
Boys Singles Runner-up: Warwick Davey

Girls Singles Winners: Olivia Hendrie & Cristina Moretti-Miles

Year 6 Doubles Tournament

Our first-ever Year 6 Doubles Tournament was a huge success. Throughout the term, we have been working very hard on doubles tactics, court positioning and shot selection.
During the tournament, a very high standard of doubles was demonstrated by every player in Year 6. I was very impressed!

Boys Winners: Harry Groom & Warwick Davey

Girls Winners: Emma Bell & Harriet C
Girls Runners-up: Talia Garner & Daniela Bonilla

Year 9 and Year 10 Singles Tournament

Our Year 9 and 10 girls played in a round robin singles tournament, playing each other in short matches. The standard of tennis was very high and the girls were very competitive!

Year 9 Singles Winner: Abbey Ayers
Year 9 Singles Runner-up: Erin Reed

Year 10 Singles Winners: Lilyella Ayers & Anna Reed
Year 10 Singles Runners-up – Emily Edwards & Olivia Culling

There will be a presentation of prizes to everyone who took part in these tournaments at the beginning of next term! Well done to everyone who took part in these tournaments – lots of great tennis played and lots of fun!

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis

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Prince Sponsorship for the Tennis Department

I signed a coaching and playing contract with Prince at the end of May and, as part of their team sponsorship programme, I am supplied with my own personal rackets x 3, racket bag, clothing and shoes, free of charge!

I am then able to order and purchase Prince tennis equipment and clothing for my pupils and for Hethersett Old Hall School at greatly reduced prices, as part of the sponsorship contract.

I have purchased for the school the following:-

  • 180 Prince Yellow Tennis Balls
  • 72 Prince Mini Tennis Red, Orange and Green balls
  • 9 Prince target cones
  • A set of mini tennis court lines
  • 6 Prince target pads
  • 2 portable Prince Mini Tennis Nets with 8 Mini Tennis Rackets

I have spent just over £500 on tennis equipment for the school (£520.49 to be exact)!

It is my way of thanking all the pupils and parents for their support over the years. It is also the perfect way to celebrate the school recently receiving the ‘Highly Commended’ award in The British Tennis Education Awards.

I very much hope that we can all enjoy using this fantastic new equipment for many, many more years to come!

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis

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Tennis News

Throughout this term, all tennis pupils are taking part in the ‘Highest Rally with the Coach’ competition during their tennis coaching sessions.

Our Mini Tennis Rallying Leaderboard for the Summer Term 2014:

Mini Tennis Orange and Green

  • Harry Groom, Year  (122)
  • Warwick Davey, Year 4 (100)
  • Jack Foulger-Wills, Year 4 (100)
  • Edoardo Moretti-Miles, Year 3 (100)
  • Leoni Elvy, Year 3 (50)
  • Skyla Manning, Year 3 (50)

Congratulations to all these players, who have achieved rallies with me of 50 and 100. They are all exceptional scores. An outstanding achievement! There will be a presentation of prizes for all these players after half-term.


tennis-iconPrince Team Sponsorship for the tennis department

I am delighted to announce I have signed a coaching and playing contract with Prince Global Sports this week. As part of the deal, the school tennis programme will receive Prince racket sports equipment, including rackets, balls, cones, lines, portable nets etc.

Prince is one of the world’s oldest and most respected tennis brands. David Ferrer (World No.5), John Isner (World No.11), Bob and Mike Bryan (the World No.1 doubles pair) and Jelena Jankovic (World No.7) all play with Prince rackets. Nick Bollettieri, who has coached 10 players who reached the World No.1, is part of the team at Prince Global Sports.

Katie Brooks
Head of Tennis