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Year 6 marching through the 1930s

A big thank you to those family and friends who came to see Year 6 as they presented their highly entertaining,  informative and polished 1930s-themed assembly on Tuesday morning.

From the coinage of the time to the Jarrow march, the abdication of King Edward, gas masks, Morrison shelters and other preparations for war, the children told and illustrated what life was like for a family living over eighty years ago.

year-6-assembly-8 year-6-assembly-6 year-6-assembly-7 year-6-assembly-8 year-6-assembly-9


year-6-assembly-5 year-6-assembly-4 year-6-assembly-3 year-6-assembly-2

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Year 6 take shelter

As part of their historical study on World War II, Year 6 are looking forward to using the Morrison shelter that Mr Peace has built in their classroom lobby. As well as finding out about the Blitz from the information and photographs on display, the children will use the Morrison shelter as a reading corner where they will also listen to ‘Blitz’, a wartime story by Robert Westall.

The bottom picture shows a real Morrison shelter from the 1940s.


henry and felicity and Anna in sheltermorrison top this one1940s Morrison shelter

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Keep calm and carry on

As part of their GCSE programme, last Friday our Year 11 history students travelled to Time and Tide, Great Yarmouth’s award-winning museum.

They were able to interpret sundry artefacts and leaflets produced for the Home Front during the Second World War.

Laura Tudge donned and endured a gas mask, Erica Nunney created a racket with her rattle, Sophie Beart applied her forensic skills to a variety of German bombs and Amber Batten ensured that there was no panic in the ranks!

The entire platoon managed to pile into a Morrison shelter, which was no mean achievement!

 Mr Osborne