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Year 1 guitar heroes

We couldn’t resist this lovely image of Year 1’s Harvey and Alfie with their guitars today! Harvey has guitar lessons at school with Mr Dodds and Alfie had his guitar for his birthday. Rock stars of the future, perhaps?


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Brassy assembly!

Music teacher Jonathan Cushion was guest visitor at our whole school assembly yesterday. He demonstrated a range of brass instruments including trombone, cornet, French horn and trumpet,   playing a variety of entertaining pieces. Afterwards, the Prep children queued up to have a go!

Mr Cushion offers music lessons at HOHS in all brass instruments – anyone interested is asked to contact Mrs Greene for more information. Instruments may be hired from Mr Cushion.



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Pupil News

It’s not just pupils in the senior school who have been taking exams. Many congratulations to Ellie Grace on her exam success too!

Ellie Grace

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The benefits of learning a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument is very enjoyable and rewarding. Even if someone is not naturally ‘musical’, sufficient practice can develop the necessary skills.

Scientists say that children who are exposed to music, or those who play an instrument, do better in school than those who don’t. Recent research suggests exposure to music may benefit a child’s reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain.

Being successful in the world of music doesn’t necessarily require an advanced level of ability (though it helps!) – for example, the technical ability of many electric guitarists in famous bands is relatively poor, but if they have the ability to string a few simple chords together and create a catchy song, they can make millions and achieve worldwide fame!RockBand-SM

I teach the various different styles of guitar (electric, acoustic, classical and bass) and the piano, with an emphasis on creating music (song writing/improvisation) as well as learning existing songs/music.

I also run Rock Band for Senior School pupils every Friday lunchtime from 12.50pm – 1.20pm.

Mr Dodd
Guitar & Piano Teacher

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Music exams today

The very best of luck to all pupils taking their ABRSM music exams this morning. abrsm_(Small)

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Cello lessons available

During the Tuesday Prep School assembly, Miss Hallam, one of our visiting instrumental teachers, gave our pupils a cello demonstration,  showing them what a lovely sound the instrument can make.

Jennie (Year 2) was lucky enough to be picked to have a try herself.
Jennie-celloMiss Hallam has space for some more cello students. If students are interested in taking up cello lessons a form can be obtained from Mrs Greene. The school also has two small cellos available for hire, and Miss Hallam is willing to give a short taster session to interested students.

Other instrumental lessons are also available and we have a limited supply of instruments that students can hire. More information can be obtained from Mrs Greene.