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Fairies and Elves in Reception!

There are hundreds of opportunities for creative and imaginative play at HOHS. This week we spotted some of our Reception children enjoying a recently-acquired fairy and elf house, complete with miniature furniture and little characters. Perfect for all kinds of role-play adventures! The children were also keen to show off the beans they have started to grow. They have planted them in jam jars so that they can keep an eye on how well they grow. We will have another look, too, later in the term…

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Noah’s Ark floats off in Reception’s assembly!

Our Reception pupils have been learning all about things that float and sink, including the story of Noah’s Ark.  Jake and Chloe have even made their own boats at home  and in one of the pictures here you can see Chloe holding hers, made from drinks bottles and pipe cleaners covered in a waterproof plastic bag.

Yesterday, in an enchanting Noah’s Ark-themed assembly, the children told us all about what they had been learning and doing on this topic.  They all spoke very clearly and sang beautifully – well done, everyone!  A big thank you to all the parents and family members for coming to watch and for helping to provide some amazing animal costumes, too!

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Noah’s Ark is afloat in Reception!

Our reception class have been learning the story of Noah’s Ark,  playing games and learning songs around the theme, painting colourful fish, building Lego arks and starting to create their own story books.





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Noah joins ark: umbrellas at the ready!

Noah has finally joined all the animals in the Reception class ark. Let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of heavy rainfall ahead..Noah


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Reception pupils build an ark

Reception pupils have started their new topic about water.

They began by listening to the story of Noah’s Ark and imagined what it must have been like to be on the ark with all the animals as it sailed across the world.

They thought carefully about the things they would need to take with them on their journey and then drew and labelled their objects in a suitcase. They have made a large collage picture of the ark and animals and have been discussing the colours of the rainbow.

The children are busy making rainbow mobiles to hang in the classroom. They have enjoyed playing with the wooden Noah`s Ark and have counted the animals into the ark in twos as an introduction to their two times table.

Mrs JonesReception-Ark Reception-Ark2 Reception-Ark3


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Reception pupils prepare for the floods

With more wet weather forecast for the week ahead, our Reception pupils have been busy putting paintbrush to paper and building their very own ark.

It always pays to be prepared!Reception-ArkReception-Ark5Reception-Ark3 Reception-Ark2Reception-Ark4

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Reception pupils publish their first book

Some wonderful books recently published by our Reception class, following the creation of their very own ark. (see their work)


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Reception pupils build an ark

Our Reception class have just finished creating their very own ark (see their work), complete with Noah and an assortment of animals all going in two by two.

Noahs-Ark-group Noahs-Ark10 Noahs-Ark9 Noahs-Ark12 Noahs-Ark11