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Little pupils in BIG castle!

Last Wednesday, our Nursery and Reception children set off for an adventure in Norwich Castle. Here is what they told us:

We were looking forward to being kings and queens for the day!  When we arrived a lady met us and told us all about the castle and who used to live there. We all wore crowns and some of us dressed up. We explored and discovered all the things in the castle. We visited the great hall and the old toilets. We are very glad they are not like that today! We even saw a very deep well which people had to get their water from. We dropped pennies down to see how deep it was. We had a story about a castle and made castles using building bricks.

“I loved the well. It was really fun dropping the pennies down. They went down a long way.” Charlie (Reception)
“Did you know, the castle is 99 years old?” Charlotte (Reception) Editor’s note: it is actually 900 years old!
“We pretended to open the castle door with a really, really big key.” Eddie (Nursery)
“I really enjoyed dressing up.” Samaara (Nursery)

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Boarders explore Norwich Castle

At the weekend the boarders decided to visit Norwich Castle. They had a wonderful time exploring the Anglo Saxon treasure hoards, the Egyptian displays and then the Norman keep itself.  Years 7 and 8 actually met a real Norman who let them try out his weapons and sit in the throne he was guarding. Down in the depths of the castle the girls found they could throw pennies into the well and so wishes were made and pennies thrown in abundance.










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Year 3 & 4 Roman explorers

Here are our Year 3 and 4 pupils showing off their fantastic ‘explorer’ half term homework on the Romans. They produced all sorts of work,  from shields to mosaics, powerpoints to factfiles. They even managed to make some mouth-watering Roman recipes. The Roman topic was followed up with a great visit this week to Norwich Castle Museum, where the children spent some happy hours immersed in Roman life and artefacts.  Read about this visit and see more photos on Friday’s blog post!



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Years 3 and 4 meet some ‘Real Romans’

On Tuesday Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Norwich Castle, where they travelled back in time to the Roman period. The pupils met a Roman soldier, complete with armour and weapons, and even had a go at performing in a Roman battle. They met an Iceni tribe member and understood how and why the Iceni’s way of life was different to that of the Romans. The pupils handled some real Roman objects and were able to categorise them and see how they compared with present-day objects. The Roman toilet paper was a real source of amusement!

The children had great fun making an Iceni torc (necklace) and looked at some real ones  in the castle’s display cabinets. The day really enhanced the pupil’s understanding of our current Romans history topic and all the boys and girls enjoyed the day immensely.  See the complete gallery of pictures from the day here. Look out for  a photo of the children’s fabulous holiday homework on Romans on the blog on Sunday.


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Year 3 Egyptian Day

As part of their history topic about the ancient Egyptians, Year 3 spent the day yesterday at Norwich Castle Museum’s Egyptian Day. They learnt about mummification and acted out scenes from the celebrations of Tutankhamen. They were able to examine real Egyptian artefacts up close and also became involved in a debate about whether archaeologists should have been allowed to open up the tombs of the great Pharaohs.

To see more photos of their visit, click here.

Year 3 museum 4

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Year 4 meet some ‘Real Romans’

Year 4 recently visited Norwich Castle for a Roman and Iceni Workshop. We were able to look at Roman clothing and coins; we even met some ‘Real Romans’  – a soldier and a tax collector!

We handled ancients object from Roman times and had to work out what they were used for.There were also characters dressed up as Iceni villagers. We acted out the different jobs the Iceni would have had to do.

The Iceni taught us what torcs were and we made our own in a craft activity. The Roman Soldier taught us about life in the Roman Army – he had real weapons, they were very heavy and he was rather scary!

Mrs SinclairIMG_3267FullSizeRenderIMG_3277

My favourite part of the day was when we learnt about the Iceni because it was fascinating and fun!’ Laila Oarton

‘My favourite part was meeting all the charcters’ Skyla-Grace Manning.

’I liked it when we had to vote for the Iceni or the Romans. In the end the Romans arrested the Celts – I felt very sorry for them’ Tabby Cook

‘When we were watching the play, I said to Mrs Sinclair that a Roman would come through the door and it actually happened!’ Leoni Elvy

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Year 5 head back to Prehistoric times

Year 5 class recently took a trip to Norwich Castle Museum to attend ‘The Mystery of Prehistory’ workshop.

The children were lucky enough to handle artefacts dating back to 8000 years BC, dress up as neolithic farmers and even had the opportunity to grind wheat into flour using neolithic tools!

They all had a wonderful day learning more about Prehistoric times.

 Miss HopwoodYear-5-trip Year-5-trip2 Year-5-trip3