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Year 7 visit Norwich Cathedral

Year 7 went on a trip to Norwich Cathedral last week and learnt the history behind it.

Firstly we went through the giant nave and looked at the architecture of the beautiful arches and the outstanding stained glass windows. We learnt about all the types of limestone. We learned how the monks used the cloisters for a variety of activities such as reading and copying out manuscripts. They also used the cloisters to play games.

Then we had an interesting tour through the library and learned how books were made and printed. We even saw a very early reference book with a chain attached so people could not take it away!

Sophie Barrow & Isabelle Sellors (Year 7)

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Sixth Formers take part in ‘Question Time’

On Monday 6th October, five Sixth Formers – Amy, Megan, Tammy, Sophie and Natasha –  took part in a ‘Question Time– style debate at Norwich Cathedral.

The topic was “Immigration and integration – can Britain keep growing?” A variety of questions were asked on the issue regarding the rise of UKIP, racism in Britain and why Britain is so appealing. A question submitted by HOHS students was selected and led to a lively debate amongst the panel members which included Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chloe Smith MP and Judge Jeremy Richards.

It was good to hear so many questions and comments from Sixth Formers from across Norfolk and Suffolk including one international student who questioned the idea that Britain is a caring society by pointing out that whenever asked how we are, most Britons reply, “I’m fine,” regardless of whether they are or not; this led the international student to question whether British people do really care about each other.

The debate ended with a comment made by Rev Hudson-Wilkin in response to Judge Richards stating that we need to be tolerant of others; she said, “I don’t want to be tolerated. I want to be accepted!” for which she received a round of applause.

Mrs Neal

imagePicture by SIMON FINLAY

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Boarders visit Norfolk & Norwich Festival

Last week our boarders went into town for the opening of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival 2013.

About 5,000 spectators gathered in the grounds of Norwich Cathedral to enjoy a free open-air performance of Reve D’Herbert (Herbert’s Dream), by Compagnie des Quidams. The show, which has toured extensively around the world, featured a dozen ethereal characters that “ballooned” to more than 12ft (4m) tall on a journey through a “luminous dreamscape”.

See more photos from the trip.


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Year 7 visit Norwich Cathedral

Today Year 7 visited Norwich Cathedral. The building was very impressive and beautiful, with colourful stained-glass windows, carved vaulted ceilings and a hanging sculpture made of dried grasses.

We learnt about the monks and how they used to copy books by hands in the cloisters. We also had fun trying out some games that the monks liked to play.

We all enjoyed the trip and would like to thank Mr Osbourne and Mrs Maher for taking us, as well as the librarian at Norwich Cathedral who showed us around.

Ella Kassulke, 7H

See more photos from the trip.