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Time for another look at our Hethersett Old Hall School video!

It’s just about a year since our HOHS promotional video was launched – and it had over 3,000 views when it appeared on our Facebook page! It still gives us that “aaaah” feeling, and reflects our happy, thriving school very well – so why not give it another look? Click here to link to  the video on youtube and let’s get the number of views there up!

The film was made by Winnie (Wing-Yee,  pictured below), a former HOHS pupil who is now a film maker.



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Happy St Patrick’s Day from HOHS!

Did you know that St Patrick, the famous fifth-century missionary and Patron Saint of Ireland, wasn’t originally from the Emerald Isle? It is thought that he was kidnapped by pirates when he was a teenager and taken to Ireland as a slave looking after animals. Then, later, he escaped but had a vision telling him to go back and spread the word about Christianity.  It is believed that St Patrick  used the shamrock, with its three leaves in one plant, to explain the Holy Trinity.  In assembly this week, Upper and Lower Prep pupils learned all about the famous saint – and our dining room was decorated with shamrocks and leprechauns for a distinctly Irish lunch menu of Beef and Guinness sausages and colcannon!

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An explosion of colour in the Nursery!

Our Nursery children have been talking about fireworks – the colours they make, and the noises – and learning about firework safety in preparation for bonfire night. They have also created these beautiful firework paintings!

img_1571 img_1576 img_1578



Our fete made the news!


Our Wonderland fete was in the Eastern Evening News on Monday – look out for it in tomorrow’s Wymondham and Attleborough Mercury, too. The even better news is that the fete made in excess of £6,000 profit for PA funds – well done, everyone, that is a fantastic achievement!


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The 2016 Hethersett Old Hall School video is now on Youtube!

We have had almost 3,000 views of our new promotional video since it launched via Facebook a couple of weeks ago…and now, finally, we’ve managed to upload it to our Youtube channel as well!

Click here to link to  the video on youtube

Even if you have already viewed it, please would you take a moment to watch it again via Youtube, to help boost the number of views there? It is such a sweet little film and completely reflects what our happy, thriving school is like, as several parents have commented. We want as many people as possible to see it! Thanks again to Winnie (Wing-Yee,  pictured below), a former HOHS pupil who filmed us at work and play!

Thank you – and have a great long weekend, everyone.




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Our new video is here!

Many thanks to former pupil Wing-Yee Ngai for working with us to produce this video which, we think, completely reflects the heart of our friendly school. Thanks also to the pupils who took part so enthusiastically in the filming, whether they were aware of the camera or not!

We are working through some technical issues with uploading the video itself here, but meanwhile you can view a low resolution version on our Facebook page.



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St Patrick’s Day in the dining room!

With an Irishman in charge of our kitchens, it’s not surprising we had a St Patrick’s Day theme at lunchtime today, with a menu that included Irish specialities such as beef and Guinness stew, colcannon and Irish Cream torte. There were leprechauns and shamrocks in evidence everywhere, too! Thank you Mr Reeves and team!

St Patrick's day lunch1 St Patrick's day lunch2 St Patrick's Day lunch4




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Happy St Patrick’s Day from Noah and Lottie!

Pupils in our Nursery (Yellow) class have been celebrating St Patrick’s Day and enjoying some special party bags  – green, of course!  The bags were kindly brought in by two of their classmates, Noah and Lottie, who come from Ireland.  The children have been learning about some Irish traditions, thanks to the lucky shamrocks, toys and sweets in their goody bags…  

St Patrick's Day in HOHS NurserySt Patrick's Day Children investigating their goody bagsIMG_8763IMG_8788

IMG_8776 IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8773 IMG_8796 IMG_8795 IMG_8794 IMG_8792 IMG_8787