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Uniform shop open all day this Thursday

Parents, if you need to pick up a house t-shirt in preparation for next week’s sports day, or are missing any other items of uniform, remember that the uniform shop will be open all day this Thursday, from 8.30am – 4.00pm. 


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On the menu this week


Jumbo Sausage Roll
Veggie & Cheese Roll
Mashed Potato & Green Beans
Salad Bar
Assorted Hot & Cold Desserts
Fresh Fruit & Yogurts


Penne Pasta Bolognaise
Pasta Quills Provençale
Garlic Bread & Mixed Salad
Salad Bar
Rich Chocolate & Marshmallow Mousse
Fresh Fruit & Yogurts


Crispy Chicken with Smokey Barbecue Sauce
Crispy Quorn Fillet
Herb Diced Potatoes, Green Bean & Carrots
Salad Bar
Tropical Fresh Fruit Salad & Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit & Yogurts


Beef & Root Vegetable Casserole
Mushroom Stroganoff
Baby New Potatoes & Mixed Veg.
Salad Bar
Fruit & Berry Crumble
Fresh Fruit & Yogurts


Beef Burger in a Bun
Vegetable Burger
Fries & Peas
Salad Bar
Fresh Fruit & Yogurts



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Our ‘stars’ of the week

Our ‘stars’ of the week, receiving special mention in assembly yesterday, were:

Edward B (Nursery), for being kind and thoughtful during a swimming lesson. Edward helped his class mates jump in the pool!

Grace T (Reception), for being a kind friend to everyone in the class.  Grace tries hard in everything including reading, writing and maths.

Charlie McN (Year 1) for being kind and compassionate when thinking about looking after our planet. Charlie produced an excellent poster on caring for the environment.

Evelyn B (Year 2) for an amazing circus poem produced during the holidays. She demonstrated wonderful use of language and words.

Well done, everyone.  Who will it be next week?

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Our busy Nursery bees

Our Nursery children have been looking at bees this week.  We have made some hand print painted bees and sung some bee songs.  We looked at the busy work bees do making honey. And we finished off the week by looking at the school bee hive and having a honey sandwich picnic!



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Our ‘stars’ this week are…

Star-of-weekOur most recent ‘Stars’, receiving special mention  in this morning’s Prep Department Praise Assembly, are:

Nua G (Nursery Green), for making huge progress in her swimming. Nua has grown in confidence and is jumping in and swimming with her face in the water!

Hattie F-B (Reception), for trying hard with her reading and using her phonic knowledge to sound out words in her writing.

Elysia A (Year 1), for excellent writing. Elysia is independently extending her sentences by using connectives such as ‘when’, ‘suddenly’, ‘because’ and ‘then’.

Beatrix G (Year 2) for her Times Table challenge success – she is on her Gold Level and can do her 6, 7, 8 and 9 tables. Beatrix also learned her tricky lines very well for our class assembly this week and wrote an excellent story:  “The Day I landed on the Moon”

Well done to all of these ‘stars’! Who will it be next week? The picture is from Year 2’s class assembly on Tuesday.



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Fabulous Fete!

So many visitors commented on the lovely, friendly atmosphere at our fete today – it really was a wonderful day and,  with the sun shining warmly for most of the time, the last-minute rain didn’t dampen our spirits! Thanks to the PA for organising such a great event, and thanks to all who came – we hope you all had a great time! We think the pictures say it all….



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Our ‘stars’ this week are…

Star-of-weekOur most recent ‘Stars’, receiving special mention by Mr Peace in this morning’s Prep Department Praise Assembly, are:

Lucia D (Year 3), for working very hard in all subjects. Lucia’s handwriting has improved and she is consistently using joined-up writing.

Albert C (Year 4), for working hard and doing lots of practice in Maths, and for being kind at playtimes and looking out for his friends.

Matilda K (Year 5), for working hard to present her work beautifully and for trying hard in art, paying great attention to detail.

Isabella W (Year 6) for working hard to a high standard in Maths – and for getting thoroughly involved in the Upper Prep drama production, learning all her lines and the song lyrics.

Special praises also went to Daphne G (Nursery Yellow) for being a delightful member of  our ballet class – always listening to instructions and joining in; and to Reno M (Year 1) for learning lines for an assembly to perform to the seniors.

Well done to all of these ‘stars’! Who will it be next week? The picture is from an earlier assembly.