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Year 8 in Cromer

On a grey day yesterday our Year 8 girls went on a geography field trip to Overstrand and Cromer,  to study the sea defences and the impacts of tourism.

Everyone worked really hard – and the fish and chips were, according to the girls, one of the highlights!

Well done everyone.

Mrs Grove

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Year 8 Geography Field Trip

Year 8 had a lovely sunny day for their geography field trip to Overstrand and Cromer last week. They were able to see the coastal defences working effectively as there was a very high spring tide. In Cromer, the girls looked at the land use and questioned people to see the impact of tourism on the seaside town.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, collected a massive amount of data, ate fish and chips and treated themselves to an ice cream.

Geog field trip Yr 8

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Groynes and gabions for Year 8 geographers

On Thursday 2nd October Year 8 visited Overstrand and Cromer for their geography field trip. It was a fabulous sunny day with blue skies and not a breath of wind. We couldn’t believe our luck!

Overstrand is protected from sea erosion by a great variety of sea defences. We drew pictures of gabions, groynes, sea walls, steel piling and revetments and learnt how they work and what their job was. We saw where the cliff had slumped down to the road, with the remains of a house, and where they had repaired the slope to make it safe.

Our next stop for the day was Cromer, just a short journey away. The girls split into groups and carried out questionnaires and a land use survey of the facilities and shops available to tourists. After a lovely lunch we walked along the promenade and pier to complete more questionnaires and collect further data on facilities for tourists.

The minibus was quiet on the way back – the seaside air had made everyone sleepy!

Mrs Grove

See more photos from the trip.


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Seven (and one teacher) go wild at Kingswood

On Friday 7th February, with a terrible weekend weather forecast looming over our heads, seven Sixth Form students and Mrs Grove set off to the wilds of North Norfolk.

After arriving at the Kingswood centre and having our evening meal we went to the lab to learn how to collect river data. Once we all felt suitably prepared we decided to get an early night’s sleep so that we would be ready for whatever the next day might throw at us.

On Saturday morning we headed off to the River Glaven in the sunshine; that weather forecast was obviously wrong! The first site, which was the start of an ever-deepening river,  surprised everyone. Normally the river levels barely come half way up a pair of Wellington boots, but the river was really swollen from all the rain. Thank goodness for waders!  Within a few minutes Katie discovered her waders leaked, but undaunted she valiantly carried on collecting data. When she came out of the river we poured at least a litre of water out of the boots and had to wring her socks out.

Apart from water in the boots, some of us became stuck in mud – providing others with a good photo opportunity. After a tiring day out we returned to the study centre where we used modern geographical information systems to plot our data on maps.

On Sunday the sky was grey and the wind was very cold, a real change from the day before. Luckily we were collecting data in the city.

Well done girls on working so hard and thanks to the tutors at Overstrand for leading the trips so successfully.

See more photos from the trip.

Mrs Grove

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Year 8 head to the seaside

On a very sunny day last week Year 8 visited Overstrand and Cromer. We arrived at Overstrand to study the sea defences and to see the cliff fall. With a stiff northerly breeze and high tide the waves powered towards the coastline, giving the girls a real opportunity to see how the sea defences worked. They were captivated by the waves and the spray that occasionally crashed over the promenade.

After spending time drawing and writing about the sea defences and looking at the cliff where the slump had occurred, we drove to Cromer. Here they spent time in small groups collecting data on land use type and completing questionnaires.

After a light lunch (some succumbed to Mary Janes fish and chips) we walked along the cliff top, promenade and pier to collect more data on tourist facilities. Of course it wouldn’t have been right to leave the seaside without sampling some ice cream!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and also collected plenty of valuable data for their project. See more photos from the trip.



Years 5 and 6 enjoy a Kingswood adventure

On Wednesday 20th of March, Years 5 and 6 hopped on the bus to drive to an activity centre in Overstrand named ‘Kingswood’.

We did some amazing activities including: night line, quad biking, laser, jungle vines, rock climbing, archery, problem and mystery solving, fencing, Frisbee golf and a camp fire, where we learnt lots of new songs! All these activities were led by some friendly, funny guides.

The first night we didn’t get as much sleep as we hoped but the second night we all slept like babies, snoring away!!!

Thank you so much to Mrs Thorman, Mrs Ray, Abbie our guide and all the other guides who helped us with the activities and made us feel at home. We were also very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Ray, because she left the day we returned from Kingwood. We wish you the best Mrs Ray!!!

I think the whole experience was to get us to all work together as a team and the guides all did a really good job at that!!

Livie Gaskin
Year 6