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Year 10 lighting up the lab

Year 10 girls took on an interesting challenge in their last science lesson at the end of term, working in pairs or small groups. The task? To create a working model lighthouse, the taller the better, using only newspaper and a few other specified bits and pieces.  They were halfway through the challenge when these pictures were snapped, so we’re not sure which team won, or what scientific principles were applied… but the concentration levels and competitive spirit were certainly in evidence!

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Alexander builds working radio

On the last day of the half term, Mr Peace and Miss Mann were very impressed to see this working radio set brought into school by Alexander in Year 4 who built it himself at home.

Alexander is very excited about all the circuit work he has been doing in DT with Mrs Woods and was inspired to start experimenting with an electrics kit he got for his birthday. The radio – sitting in smart Lego housing – works loud and clear: sadly, his mother was able to listen to the disappointing football scores on it!  Alexander has also built a burglar alarm and a music box.

Alexander radio


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Year 9 attempt to take to the skies

As part of last week’s science and engineering theme, our Year 9 scientists were given limited materials and instructions, and challenged to create something that would fly.

In the interests of safety, Mrs Grove and I stepped in and risked setting ourselves alight as we tried to launch the hot air balloons. Unfortunately the wind was against us and we couldn’t reach lift off.

We have saved the remaining balloons and shall reattempt flight at a later date – preferably on a much calmer day!

Miss MannYear-9-Science Year-9-Science4Year-9-Science2Year-9-Science3


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Balancing birds and the ‘centre of mass’

To complete our latest physics topic Year 9 explored the idea of ‘centre of mass’ – the point through which an object’s weight acts and helps it to balance.

They created this colourful and acrobatic flock of balancing birds to enable them to find the position of this point on their own irregular shapes. To help the birds sit precisely on their finger tips, plasticine was used as a counterbalance on the wing tips.

Miss MannYear-9-science