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Year 1 doing a spot of pond-dipping!

Our Year 1 pupils spent some exciting time exploring our eco-friendly pond during their science lesson yesterday. It is amazing how many different creatures make this their home! The sorts of things we expect to find there include water boatmen, spotted damselflies and pond skaters – and if we’re lucky, frogs!

Mrs Bird

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Year 1 Pond-Dipping Delights!

Year 1 pupils have been spending some exciting time exploring our eco-friendly pond. Creatures we looked for included spotted damselflies, migrant hawker dragonflies, water boatman and pond skaters – and we even spotted a frog…eventually!

The last three photos,  taken this Wednesday, show

  • Emma, using our new fishing nets and catching a pond snail! Emma has joined us for a short visit from Italy and has settled in very quickly.
  • Charlie catching a water boatman (he was very pleased with himself!)
  • Felicity, indoors, looking as if she has caught a butterfly (she is actually choosing flowers to press!)

Mrs Bird

Year 1 pond dipping Year 1 pond-dipping2 YEAR 1 POND-DIPPING3 Year 1 pond-dipping4 Year one pond-dipping5 Year one pond-dipping6

emma pondcharlie pond

Felicity flowers


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A busy week for Phase 2

We set up our class wormery this half term to help us learn lots of facts about the common earthworm. To our amazement we found out that they have five hearts and can digest up to two tonnes of leaf mould in a year. We noticed how they move using their segments and setae (bristles) to tunnel through the different coloured layers of soil. Using a torch we were able to see the main digestive tract through he worm’s thin skin on its body.
Phase-2-nature4Meanwhile, our super duper pupae have tripled in size this week and will soon metamorphosize into a painted lady butterfly.

The children have also enjoyed creating wax and ink worms, mini bumble bees from Larch cones and symmetrical winged mini-beasts in their art lessons.
Phase-2-nature5Our Bird Club members have been busy observing goldfinch, chaffinch and long tailed tits on the bird table and have created their favourite garden birds from clay. They are planning to build their nests next week.Phase-2-naturePhase-2-nature2Phase-2-nature3We have had some exciting visits to the eco friendly pond where we have investigated an ant’s nest (called a formicary) and spotted damselflies, migrant hawker dragonflies, water boatman, pond skaters and the school cat, Pumpkin, secretly hoping to catch a fish or two!

Mrs Bird

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Our sea monkeys have hatched!


Following our third attempt and three different batches of eggs, last week there was much excitement in the Year 1 classroom when the long-awaited sea monkeys finally hatched!

At just five days old they have already grown and the children are thoroughly enjoying feeding them each day and watching them swim.

We are now writing imaginative stories about them in our literacy lessons and recording their development in our science lessons, as part of our topic on ‘life processes and habitats’.

Please feel free to drop by for a visit!

Mrs BirdSea-monkeys2

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Studying life and plants in Year 1

As part of their science studies, our Year 1 pupils have been studying a chicken embryo under the microscope and growing some rather unusual looking plants.

Mrs Bird Year-1-and-2-science2 Year-1-and-2-science3Year-1-and-2-science

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Phase 2 experiments in the science lab

Our budding scientists in Phase 2 were busy in the laboratory last week where they were dissolving jelly, sugar and salt, and melting ice, wax and even chocolate.

In their assembly this week pupils presented their observations and talked about other scientific experiments that they have explored using popcorn, eggs and spaghetti too. Yummy!

Mrs BirdYear-1-&-2-science6Year-1-&-2-science5Year-1-&-2-science4Year-1-&-2-science9Year-1-&-2-science8Year-1-&-2-science7Year-1-&-2-science2Year-1-&-2-science

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Years 3 & 4 digest science

Years 3 and 4 have been learning about the digestive system in their science lessons.

Working in pairs, the children researched a different part of the system, then used junk modelling to create it. We then joined all the parts together to create the digestive system and labelled it.

Each pair did a presentation to the class on their given part. Below are some of our Year 4 pupils with the wonderful digestive creation!

Mrs Alexander-SinclairYear-4-science3Year-4-science2Year-4-science