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What are Year 5 doing in the greenhouse?

In their science lessons last week, Year 5 pupils learned in more detail about the life cycle of flowering plants. To give them some practical follow-up, Miss Hopwood took the class to Mr Young’s greenhouse today, where he gave them each their own packet of plant seeds and then helped them to plant them. Mr Young also decided to test the children’s knowledge of germination, flowering, pollination and seed dispersal, and was impressed with their answers!

The Year 5 classroom should soon have some seedlings and, later, some wonderful, colourful flowers on show – we even have some edible ones!
Yr 5-seeds.8








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Seeds and Seascapes in Years 1 & 2

During their science lesson this week Year 1 and 2 pupils have been busy planting amaryllis and hyacinth bulbs in different conditions and dissecting seed heads and fruit to look at closely under the microscope.

In art they have created seascapes using wax, inks and real sand. They’ve also collected artefacts and postcards from their summer holidays.

Meanwhile, our Bird Club members this half term have been stuffing tights with newspaper and marbling them to create a tree. This will be used to display birds and nests for the club members to add to as the seasons change.

Year-1_2-seedsYear 1:2 seeds7 Year-1_2-seeds2 Year-1_2-seeds3 Year-1_2-seeds4 Year-1_2-seeds5 Year-1_2-seeds6 Year-1_2-seeds7

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Seed drawings by Year 5

As part of their earlier science work on Life Cycles, Year 5 produced some lovely illustrations of seeds.
See more of their work here.     Year-5-seed3 Year-5-seed2 Year-5-seed     

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Seeds blowing on the wind

As part of their science work on Life Cycles, Year 5 have made model seeds that could be dispersed by wind. Seeds were launched from the climbing frame in the Pre-Prep playground yesterday morning. Some proved to be very successful and one even escaped over the wall!Year-5-seeds11 Year-5-seeds10 Year-5-seeds9 Year-5-seeds8 Year-5-seeds7 Year-5-seeds6 Year-5-seeds5 Year-5-seeds4 Year-5-seeds3 Year-5-seeds2 Year-5-seeds