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Silver Duke of Edinburgh achievers

Congratulations to Gabriella, Hannah, Alice, Aisling and Tayla (Year 11) on successfully completing their assessed silver Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition last weekend. It was tough, but the girls all excelled in every area, with excellent navigation (don’t believe the locals – you know where you are!), being supportive of others in the team, good camping skills and a huge determination to succeed. The assessor complimented all the girls on their ability to cope with all aspects of the expedition, especially cooking in adverse weather conditions.

Mrs Grove said, “You are all stars. Well done and I hope that you rested those aching muscles before coming back to school!”

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Bronze and Silver D of E Practice

Both Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award candidates were out at the weekend on their practice expeditions.

We set off early on Saturday morning and, having seen the dire weather forecast, were wondering how wet we were going to get. Luckily for us, though,  the area of North Norfolk we were in had very little rain so all we saw was a few spots and some glorious rainbows.

All of the groups walked and navigated well. They were cheerful throughout and worked brilliantly within their teams. They are really prepared for their assessed expeditions in two weeks time (for the bronze award)  and three weeks (for the silver).

Well done, girls!

Mrs Grove


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Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice

On Friday, our Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award group set off  for their camping practice expedition in North Norfolk.  The weather was perfect as they hiked with their tents and equipment from Binham to Cley and on to Blakeney.  At Morston, they met up with one of our governors, Mr Myerscough, who joined them for lunch. The Bronze group are also out and about this weekend…watch this space for more pictures and reports from Mrs Grove on both adventures!

silver-d-of-e1 silver-d-of-e2 silver-d-of-e3

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Silver D of E Practice

Last weekend the Silver Duke Of Edinburgh’s group left school on Friday to start their three day practice expedition.

Day 1 – the weather was glorious and the girls set off. Seven hours later they arrived at their first campsite where they set up their tents and prepared their dinner.

Day 2 – the weather was not as kind. We awoke to rain and so the girls cooked and packed up their tents in the rain. Although the rain was heavy for a short time, by the afternoon, the sun came out and the girls were able to dry themselves off and set up camp in dry weather.

Day 3 was another successful day. The girls completed their seven hour walk without a hitch. They are very well prepared for their final in October.

During their time away, the Silver D of E girls also practised tent assembly, navigation and first aid skills. To see all the photos of the expedition, click here.

DofE S5DofE S2DofE S8

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Update: Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award

Our Bronze and Silver candidates have all now finished (and passed!) the expedition component of their awards – congratulations to them all as these are rigorous tests.

Just before the half term break, the two groups separately, and successfully, ventured out to navigate the footpaths of Norfolk and Suffolk as well as practising their skills in cooking, campcraft and data collection.

The Bronze group’s luck held with the weather, which was unseasonably mild and sunny for their weekend away; however the Silver group had to contend with heavy rain and wind alongside the early dark nights after the clocks changed. Despite this, they managed to retain their humour and successfully completed every task.

The Gold group, meanwhile, are just about to begin the preparation for their challenge.

Well done, girls!

Mrs Grove

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Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice

On Friday 12th September, ten senior students departed bright and early on the minibus for their camping practice expedition in North Norfolk, as part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

After a long day trudging along footpaths, through woods and across heath land they were all glad to finally arrive at the first campsite. Having cooked their own meal on trangias, the girls spent some time relaxing and chatting before heading off to their tents as the sun set.

Very early on Saturday, one group emerged pre-dawn to cook breakfast (very quietly!) by the light of a full moon. The other group joined them an hour later and everyone left the campsite on time – long before breakfast time on a normal weekend!

Saturday saw a tiring walk along the beach and more heath navigation before arrival at a new campsite near the sea where there was a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, cloud cover meant there were no wonderful skies, but it did mean that a good night’s sleep was had before another early start on the final day. To help tire the girls out even more, Miss Mann challenged them to a bout of ‘shoulder fencing’, a game that she had devised in South Africa!

Everyone worked hard this last day to ensure that they did not get lost and were on time. The expedition was very successful and all the girls are now well prepared for their final expedition, which will take place during the October half term.

Well done everyone!

Mrs Grove2014 DofE 2014 DofE2 2014 DofE3 2014 DofE4 2014 DofE5

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Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice

Just 2 days after starting back at school the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s group set off on their 3 day practice expedition. Being a very well-organised set of students they completed each stage on time, navigated well and had excellent camp craft skills.

The weather, on the whole, was kind to us with just a brief rainstorm as we were putting up tents on the first night. We enjoyed some brilliant sunshine after that, but the nights were rather on the cold side. In hindsight perhaps a few more fleeces would have been helpful!

Well done everyone. Looking forward to the final in October.

Mrs GrovedoeSilver3doeSilver5 doeSilver2doeSilverdoeSilver4