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STEM at HOHS: Army Corporal helps girls bring robots to life

Pupils from Years 7-10 and Year 12 took part in some exciting workshops last Friday delivered by Corporal Thomas Power from the Army’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) team.  After hearing about the wide range of STEM-related careers the Army offers, each girl was set a challenge: to modify and wirelessly programme a Lego Mindstorm robot to move around The Barn.  By the end we had dancing robots, robots that could follow a map trail or collect boxes from across the room, and even one with an axe ready to compete in robot wars!

See what the girls said, and scroll down to see images from the workshops.

“We didn’t  know the Army had so many jobs! At first it was really challenging to programme the robot but then we got the hang of it and it was really fun!” Anna, Cristina, Rachel and Fleur (Year 8)

“I did know that there were all those jobs in the Army – I just hadn’t realised that most of them are connected to STEM” – Ashlyn (Year 8)

  • Did you know…?

Women make up just 14.4% of all people working in science and technology roles in the UK, despite being about half of the workforce.  Is it because girls are less able in STEM subjects? No!  In fact, studies show that the opposite is true – but traditionally fewer girls than boys choose to study STEM subjects at A Level and beyond.  At HOHS we are dedicated to breaking this tradition and have an excellent track record of success in STEM subjects.  We regularly plan events such as the workshop last week, to give our girls inspiration and insight into the world of STEM careers.

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Former HOHS pupil inspires girls to study science

It’s wonderful to see former HOHS student Joy Chianu promoting science subjects to young women in this video from the prestigious McGill University in Canada. Joy, who won a scholarship to study chemical engineering there, achieved outstanding results in her biology, chemistry, physics and maths A Levels at HOHS, as well as in her EPQ. We are very proud of Joy and how she is encouraging other young women to study STEM subjects.

• We love to hear how our former students are getting on so if you have any exciting news, please get in touch with us.

Watch the video here

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Year 9 tackle the Bronze Crest Award

Basic CMYKThe Science Department is pleased to announce that some of our most enthusiastic Year 9 scientists have begun work on the Bronze CREST Award. CREST is a UK award scheme recognising success, building skills and demonstrating personal achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) project work.
Current projects include:

  • How to steal the crown jewels – Exploring security science.
  • Starship design – Space science and exploration.
  • Becoming a superhero – Search and rescue technologies.
  • Charity concert planning – Investigating sensory science.
  • Winning a gold medal – Developments in racing wheelchair design.

This aim is achieved through nationally recognised CREST Award schemes (CREST Star 5-11 / CREST Awards 12-19), the National Science + Engineering Competition, support for STEM Clubs and collaborative events such as the Big Bang: UK Young Scientists’ and Engineers’ Fair and the British Science Festival. Find out more about CREST.

Our Year 9 pupils who have chosen to take on the challenge will be giving up their own time to work on creative science and engineering projects. Although they are working quite independently on the task set, they will meet once a week to discuss their findings and gain suggestions from the Science Department.

Participation in this award allows pupils to investigate all manner of science technology and engineering. It also provides an opportunity to develop their research skills and learn all about project planning.

Once completed we hope to host an evening where participants can present their findings to friends and family. If they produce a really good project we may even consider entering it into the Big Bang: UK Young Scientists’ and Engineers’ Fair.

We are always looking for ways to stretch our talented science students so we hope they enjoy this experience and gain a lot from it.

Miss Mann