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Sixth Form Clue-Solving

As part of a team building exercise to welcome back the Sixth Form, Miss Mann devised an enjoyable challenge for our Years 12 and 13 girls to solve after school yesterday. Working in teams and using a QR Scanner to reveal cunning clues hidden all around the school, it was a race to see which team could complete the challenge in the fastest time!  The winning team took just one hour and seventeen minutes to successfully locate all the clues.

The girls enjoyed the event, commenting:

“It was a great idea because we all got to know each other better and mixed with the new girls” (Olivia M)

“It was really fun, though a bit challenging in places!” (Paisley)

The afternoon ended with a barbecue on the lawn. Now that’s a good way to start a term!

sixth-form-team-building11sixth-form-team-building8sixth-form-team-building7 sixth-form-team-building6 sixth-form-team-building5 sixth-form-team-building4sixth-form-team-building3 sixth-form-team-building2 sixth-form-team-building1


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Sixth Form Solve HOHS Mystery

As part of a team building exercise to welcome back the Sixth Form, Miss Mann devised a mystery for our Sixth Form teams to solve. Based on the history of real people connected to Hethersett Old Hall in the distant past, the girls had to complete physical challenges, solve problems and research historical figures in order to get clues that would help them to solve the mystery. They had to use their artistic skills, crack codes and use mental arithmetic to reach the final answer. In the case of a tie break situation, the group that could get the most people into a selfie would triumph!

The afternoon ended with a barbecue followed by strawberries and cream on the lawn. Now that’s how to start a term!

Sixth Form Team 1

Sixth Form Activity 2

Sixth Form Team 4

Sixth Form Team 3


Sixth Form Activity 1Sixth Form Activty 3

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6th Form reach dizzying new heights

Year 12, Year 13 and Sixth Form staff enjoyed an afternoon of team building activities at Eaton Vale today. Working in groups, the girls had to support each other as they built towers of crates as high as they could before they toppled over. Loud squeals and laughter could be heard floating over the fields of Eaton. We hope no-one in the area thought they were having a problem!

Having worked up quite an appetite, everyone headed back to school to take part in a treasure hunt and indulge in a delicious spread of cream teas and strawberries.

See all the photos from the trip here.

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Racing the rapids at Eaton Vale

Racing the rapids at Eaton Vale