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A most notable occasion!

Where can you rub shoulders with the likes of Anne Frank, Messi, Madonna, Serena Williams, Darcey Bussell, Alan Sugar and Adele all under one roof? At HOHS, that’s where! Last Friday our Year 9 girls presented a fascinating ‘Meet the Notables’ event in the music room. Each girl had chosen a notable person from history or the current day, researched them and embodied them for the afternoon, answering visitors’ questions about their lives. Click on the thumbnails to see our gallery.






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A very notable night indeed!

Yesterday saw Nadia Comaneci and Angelina Jolie rubbing shoulders with Nelson Mandela, Vera Rubin, Mahatma Gandhi, Judy Garland,  Alan Turing and a host of other notable figures from times gone by and the present day, as our Year 9 presented a memorable Night of the Notables 2016.

All the girls had worked hard since September researching their chosen notable and the final resulting display was really fascinating and very impressive!  Parents and friends visiting the Barn during the evening had the opportunity to find out about the notables from the girls, who were dressed in character and ready to answer questions beside their individual displays.

 The full list of notables  and pictures from the event are here.

IMG_9260 - Copy





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Who have you written to lately?

As a finale to a unit on letter writing, the children in Year 6 were given the opportunity to write a ‘real letter’ to someone of their choice. The lucky recipients of their letters included Her Majesty the Queen, President Obama, Michael Morpurgo, Jessie J, Rachel Riley, Nathan Redmond, Lana Del Ray, William Fox-Pitt, Tom Daley, Selena Gomez and The Vamps!

The first in the class to receive a reply was Sophie, a huge fan of Michael Morpurgo! Year 6 were equally excited when a very posh-looking envelope, addressed to Ben, arrived from Buckingham Palace! The most recent reply came from Tom Daley who kindly sent Emma a signed postcard!

Who’ll be next, we wonder?! Here are some of the children’s thoughts so far:

‘Michael Morpurgo has inspired me to write lots of stories so I wrote to him asking how he writes his stories and where he gets his ideas from. In his reply he said ‘Live an interesting life. Go places. Meet people. Keep your eyes and ears and your heart open so that you drink in the world about you and fill up the well from which you will be drawing when you write. Read a lot, and widely. Learn from the masters.’ (Sophie)

‘When Mr Peace told me that there was a letter on his desk, addressed to me, I was really excited! When I opened it, I could see Tom Daley’s autograph! I was so happy to get a letter back!’ (Emma )

‘When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to hear that I had received a letter from the Queen! But that’s exactly what happened! I went with my class to collect it from the school office for the ‘big opening’! The Queen thanked me for my letter and sent me some leaflets.’ (Ben)Year-6-letters2Year-6-lettersBen-with-letterletter-Queenletter-from-Queen