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The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Whilst tending to the grounds today, Mr Young came across this rather large caterpillar. It is an elephant hawk-moth caterpillar which is one of the largest caterpillars found in the British Isles. The species is named after its resemblance to an elephant’s trunk. Eventually, it will turn into a beautiful elephant hawk-moth as shown below. Have a look at this fascinating video, too!

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Amy’s Unusual Pushalong Toy…


The strange creature in this picture is actually a real badger! He used to live with other badgers in a hidden badger’s home called a ‘sett’ on Amy’s farm.

After the badger died, Amy’s uncle had him stuffed  – like the animals you sometimes see in museums – and mounted him on a skateboard!

Amy brought the badger in to show her classmates and everyone wanted a ride on this unusual toy. It gave Mrs Bird an opportunity to talk about how badgers live in the wild, and the children drew some wonderful pictures of badgers, too.

year1-badger5 year1-badger4

Mrs Bird