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Last week in Year 1 ….

…the children worked so well that they were able to have some fun water play in ‘golden time’ on Friday afternoon. On Thursday, during their PSHCE lesson (personal, social, health and citizenship education), Year 1 learned about teamwork and how we can all achieve good results when we work together. After a discussion about how to be part of a team, the pupils produced a lovely banner about how we all fit together. Keep up the good work, Year 1!

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Year 1 bring us to our senses!

Tuesday’s class assembly from Year 1 was a real treat – a feast of art, poetry, music and confident performance!  The audience sat in ‘moonlight’ as the performance began, with a stunning NASA moon photograph backdrop, tiny candles on the stage and ‘Clair de Lune’ (‘Light of the Moon’) by Debussy playing.  The children have been exploring their five senses, and showed us some beautiful moonlit landscapes they had been inspired to paint.  Then they took us back 130 years to a seaside town in Denmark to introduce us to  Peter Krøyer and his wife Marie,  together with Michael Ancher,  his wife Anna and their daughter Helga, a group of artists who displayed their paintings in Brøndum’s Hotel.  Helga inherited the hotel, which is still running today! The audience were invited to see the pictures and even given tickets to the exhibition. Finally, we were treated to a sweet rendition of Moon River and a poem.

Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to see the assembly and share some proud moments with the children afterwards. Enjoy the gallery!

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Year 1 preparing for class assembly

We couldn’t resist sharing this picture: a cheeky,  sneaky preview of Year 1’s class assembly next Tuesday. It shows Oliver getting into role as Peter Krøyer, a 19th Century Danish impressionist who lived in Skagen, Jutland, Denmark. All parents are welcome to join us on Tuesday morning in The Barn from 8.50am to see the children in action – and find out more about this fascinating artist!


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Year 1’s special visitor

This week in Year 1, Mrs Bird is joined by Laura Watkinson, who is currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at UEA in preparation for a teaching career. Miss Watkinson has undertaken longer placements in different kinds of schools during her year at UEA and told us she is very happy to be spending her final classroom-based week with our lovely Year 1 group, observing and helping Mrs Bird in a variety of lessons and activities. She will have plenty of adventures to share with the children, having spent some years travelling the world as a cabin crew member for Virgin Atlantic since graduating with a humanities degree from the University of Kent seven years ago.

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Year 1 planting bulbs

Our Year 1 pupils have each planted an amaryllis bulb and we can’t wait for them to burst into bloom and find out what colours everyone has!  Look out for pictures later in the term when we will also hear what the children have been learning about how plants grow.


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Saying farewell to our ‘gappies’

By the time this post is seen by Courtney, Ashley and Izzy, the snow will be a distant memory to them, as they have now returned to their homes in Australia and South Africa. The end of term meant saying fond farewells to this lovely trio, who, as our gap year tutors, were so much a part of our school family and helped in so many different ways in the year they spent with us.  We wish the girls every success and happiness for the future!

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Let it snow!

It’s snowing here today and Year 1 went outside at lunchtime to have a good look and feel! Our lovely gap year tutors from Australia and South Africa were quite impressed, too.

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Buttons’ football training

Buttons, one of our well-travelled Hethersett bears, was very excited to be spending this half term break with Oliver (Year 1).  Here they are last week at football training.  I wonder if either of them will be playing in the Norwich v Arsenal cup match this evening?!

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Persephone’s Pomegranate in Year 1!

After Mr Crump’s recent assembly on Persephone and the pomegranate seeds,  Mrs Bird decided to buy a pomegranate for the children to look inside. They drew the outside first, then a cross section to reveal the beautiful seeds within. Finally, as a treat,  they tasted the seeds at the end of the lesson!

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Year 1 doing a spot of pond-dipping!

Our Year 1 pupils spent some exciting time exploring our eco-friendly pond during their science lesson yesterday. It is amazing how many different creatures make this their home! The sorts of things we expect to find there include water boatmen, spotted damselflies and pond skaters – and if we’re lucky, frogs!

Mrs Bird