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Something fishy

This colourful shoal of canvas fish were painted by Year 8 (now Year 9) last term. Year-8-artwork6Year-8-artwork4Year-8-artwork8Year-8-artworkYear-8-artwork7
See more of their work here.

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Year 8 visit Kentwell Hall

On Tuesday 1st April Year 8 visited Kentwell Hall at Long Melford, Suffolk.

Kentwell, one of the finest moated Tudor Houses in England, is set in a 25-acre estate including beautiful parks and gardens, a working farm and extensive historic outbuildings. Most of the current building façade dates from the mid 16th century, but the origins of Kentwell are much earlier, with references in the Domesday Book of 1086.

As well as taking a tour of the stately home, pupils were also lucky enough to see lambs on the farm that had been born just 5-minutes before. Their lunch was shared (though not willingly!) with some of the beautiful peacocks wandering around.

See more photos from the trip.Year-8-Kentwell-HallYear-8-Kentwell-Hall6Year-8-Kentwell-Hall5

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Year 8 debate the importance of watching TV

Year 8 recently held their second debate of the year; the motion being ‘this house believes that watching television is a waste of time.’ Proposing this was Charlotte Snell, whilst Grace Robinson spoke for the opposition and Frankie Goodfellow was chairing the proceedings. The rest of the class asked many challenging questions, provided interesting facts and talked about their own experiences with television and how it affected them.

Charlotte supplied some hard facts about the amount of time the average person spends watching the television and reminded us that even the educational programmes only provided passive learning and there are so many other things that people can do in their leisure time.

Grace had some interesting ideas and stressed how television programmes could be a valuable source of information and creativity, allowing the viewer to learn about animals, countries and the world.stop-watching-tv-kopie

Whether television brought families together and provided topics for conversation or is responsible for families not spending valuable time together, was hotly debated.

In the end, Frankie counted the votes which was a close result with 4-3 to the motion, ‘this house believes that watching television is a waste of time.’

Report by Charlotte Snell, Mia Ellis-Wood and Mrs Crump

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Junior Schools’ Challenge

Our school has taken part in this exciting knock-out quiz for 25 years. The current squad consists of captain Charlotte from Year 8, alongside (Year 7s) Ria, Lacey and Aisling, all of whom had to impress me through merciless auditions!

This afternoon they face Taverham Hall in a home match. For success not only must the girls display a breadth of knowledge but one or two need to be razor-sharp on those buzzers! Victory would mean a place in one of East Anglia’s semi-finals.

We wish our team the very best of luck.

Mr Osbourne
Regional Organiser

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Creative seaside cushions

During their textiles lessons last term Year 8 designed a cushion based on a beach/seaside theme. They learnt various decorative techniques such as tie-dye, appliqué, machine decorative stitches, hand embroidery and embellishing.

They have worked really hard to produce a wonderfully creative piece over a ten week unit.

Well done Year 8!

Mrs LingYear-8-textiles-cushions4Year-8-textiles-cushions6Year-8-textiles-cushions3Year-8-textiles-cushions2

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Year 8 play magnetic buckaroo

To finish off our magnets and electromagnet topic work, our Year 8 girls played magnetic buckaroo at the end of term.

Firstly, our girls attempted to hang as many weights as possible off of our electromagnet. They had to be very cautious to see who would add the last 100g before the items dropped. Amazingly, a very small magnet, on only the second lowest setting, could hold over 2.5kg of weight.

Following this our girls tested how many items – including metal pencil tins and keys – the electromagnet could hold. The answer was quite a few…that is until the power was turned off!

Miss MannYear-8-science2Year-8-scienceYear-8-science3

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Year 8 use science to survive in the wild

Year 8 have started to learn about magnetism in science – an attractive prospect you’ll agree!

When set with the challenge of how to find your way out of the wilderness, they learnt that a paper clip could actually save your life. With a little know-how and a leaf, a paper clip can be turned into a compass – just the thing you need to find your way back to civilisation again!

As you can see, some worked better than others. Still, if you ever need a ‘survival expert’ to get you out of a tricky situation, a Year 8 girl could come in quite handy!

Miss Mann  Year-8-science5Year-8-science3 Year-8-science2 Year-8-science