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Year 8 use science to survive in the wild

Year 8 have started to learn about magnetism in science – an attractive prospect you’ll agree!

When set with the challenge of how to find your way out of the wilderness, they learnt that a paper clip could actually save your life. With a little know-how and a leaf, a paper clip can be turned into a compass – just the thing you need to find your way back to civilisation again!

As you can see, some worked better than others. Still, if you ever need a ‘survival expert’ to get you out of a tricky situation, a Year 8 girl could come in quite handy!

Miss Mann  Year-8-science5Year-8-science3 Year-8-science2 Year-8-science

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It’s raining HOHS weather girls!

Year 8 have been studying weather. During the half term they had to listen to weather forecasts and produce their own. During the lesson last week they became our very own ‘weather girls’.

I think Julie Reinger better look out as Year 8 might be taking over her job!

Mrs Groveweather-girls

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Year 8 plan a holiday to France


Year 8 have been studying France (physical, population, agriculture and tourism) in their geography lessons and have recently started an exciting new tourism project.

Their mission (they have no choice but to accept it!) will be to research two areas – one inland and one on the coast – and then plan a week to be spent at each. They have to describe their target holidaymakers and the sort of holiday they would like, and then, using travel brochures and information collected from the Internet, research and write about the accommodation they have chosen and the places they will visit.

Pupils are given a budget and have to cost out accommodation, transport, car hire and insurance for their holidaymakers.

Mrs Grove

French-tourism Picture-7Picture-6Picture-5

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Year 8 hard at (wood)work

Year 8 were busy honing their carpentry skills today, under the ever watchful eye of Mr Johnston.

Woodwork-lesson-1Woodwork-lesson2 Woodwork-lesson

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Our very own HOHS weather girls

Year 8 have been studying weather. On Thursday they became weather girls for the day, producing forecasts which were both informative and great fun.