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A most notable occasion!

Where can you rub shoulders with the likes of Anne Frank, Messi, Madonna, Serena Williams, Darcey Bussell, Alan Sugar and Adele all under one roof? At HOHS, that’s where! Last Friday our Year 9 girls presented a fascinating ‘Meet the Notables’ event in the music room. Each girl had chosen a notable person from history or the current day, researched them and embodied them for the afternoon, answering visitors’ questions about their lives. Click on the thumbnails to see our gallery.






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Year 9 hands-on science for CREST awards

Horses, gravity and smoking have been under scrutiny by Year 9 who have been exploring topics of their own choice for their science Bronze CREST awards.

On Friday the girls presented the results of their considerable research to fellow pupils, teachers and an external CREST assessor who all had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions!

CREST is a UK award scheme recognising success, building skills and demonstrating personal achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) project work.


How does gravity affect the tides? Is it the same on other planets? Taonga, Emilia and Harriet took a detailed look at the force which affects us all

With a keen interest in matters equestrian, Ellie and Emily decided to explore aspects of selective breeding and the physiology of horses as well as the evolution of equines.

Smoking – Mia and Kitty looked at some of the science behind the effects of smoking

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These Boots are Made for Drawing…

Internationally-renowned illustrator Sarah Beetson has provided the inspiration for an exciting art project our Year 9 girls have just started with Miss Coughlan. This week they chose leg and footwear to use as the basis for a colourful piece of work they will develop over the coming half term.  The first stage was to wear and photograph the footwear –  watch this space for how they turn out!

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Night of the Notables 2017 – see the gallery!

Our Year 9 girls presented a hugely successful ‘Night of the Notables’ to parents and friends last Friday evening in The Barn. Each pupil chose a notable person from history or the current day, researched them and embodied them for the evening, answering visitors’ questions about their lives.  Now the full Gallery is available to view here…

Isabelle as Gabby Adcock

Sarah as Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

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Night of the Notables tonight – come on down!

Our Year 9 girls will be presenting the annual ‘Night of the Notables’ to parents and friends this evening from 6.30pm in The Barn.

Each pupil has chosen a notable person from history or the current day, researched the character and then will embody them for the evening so that visitors can learn all about them. Do come and have a look if you can – the girls have all done their notables proud! Here is a sneak preview of just a few of the characters visitors will encounter. More pictures will be on the blog  over the weekend!

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How do chameleons change colour? Alia, Sophie and Issy find out…

In our final look at  the science topics chosen by our Year 9 girls for their Bronze CREST awards we see Alia, Sophie and Issy exploring animal adaptations. What changes go on in the cells of a chameleon when it camouflages itself by changing colour? How does a ‘mimic octopus’ know what creature to impersonate to get out of danger, and how does it do it? These and many other questions were explored by the girls, who told me, “We found out so much! It is great to be able to choose your own topic for CREST… we chose this because we all like animals and thought this would be fascinating and have lots of different aspects.” The girls also said they enjoyed working as a team and developing their presentation and research skills.

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Could there really be a zombie apocalypse? Rosamaria, Faith-Marie and Sophie investigate…

Regular readers of our blog will know that we have been looking at Year 9’s exploration of science topics they chose for themselves for their Bronze CREST awards. Rosamaria, Faith-Marie and Sophie decided to look at whether a zombie apocalypse could really happen and what to do to survive one. Now, we know that scientifically, there is no possible way that the dead could spring forth from their graves, but the girls’ research did lead them to some fascinating cannibalism-related facts; for example:

We have all heard of mad cow disease – a neurological brain disorder brought on by feeding cow bone meal back to cows, essentially making them cannibals. “But we found out there is a human disease called Kuru which is basically the same thing but happens to people,” said the girls. Kuru is also known as laughing sickness due to the pathologic bursts of laughter people would display when afflicted with the disease. It is now widely accepted that Kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via cannibalism – making it the closest thing to the zombie scenario featured in so many popular films.

“Working on the CREST award was interesting because we developed our independent skills and were able to go into things in more depth,” the girls explained.